As a rule of natural creatures to win something stronger than weaker. Expressions like Thailand that ” Colonel ,” even football itself, there are also events for this sbo similar , especially in the football AIS . League is considered the most noticeable .

AIS Regional League Soccer . Football League Division 2 Football League is a team that has the most competitive and cover all regions across the country. Of course, each team has the potential varies sbo team and a large budget and lot.

Most of the major teams or teams with a board position at the forefront of the province or country. Or have enough money left to come , helping football. The small team is a small province sbo but some teams have the potential to be a great team , but the board of directors or the people who have made ​​the team , no vision, and I truly do love football hometown .

When a large team in a football team AIS League. phenomenon ” Colonel ” occurs regularly. In the event such a huge potential, and the team will be better able to overcome small team effortlessly now . Works out to result in a big way to find sponsors to support the team more easily than smaller teams sbo because if push came to ask you the same sponsor . Of course, the owner of money where it will support a team that has huge future. The opportunity to advance and works better for sure.

Not only is the lack of opportunities for young team has a budget to support the team , but also by the impact of the “big fish” that seek to gobble up weaker prey . Especially the players . If a small team with young players who are the backbone of the team , which I very prominent . It will hit the big draws players into the team. Of course, the player must go to the team that he is tired of a lot better than sbo team . Likely be promoted to a higher league . Which is the future of the player itself. Make small team can not deny ever having to pay the players are the core of the team. The work would have to trudge to the course.

Of course, such events make the work of a small team . Hoping to build a portfolio or win still seemed inevitable upturn that is what happens on the pitch is called football . The team with the statement are more than ready to take advantage of this without blame, not sbo make “small fish ” struggles to survive the competition in professional football , but not that “small fish ” will be ” fish. the “eat only ” small fish “, it can be useful at this point as well.

For example, for a small team that will benefit from a larger team that’s superior . Focus on team goals , team seriously by the potential of the team itself. Delirium is not a dream too To their own fans by sbo team do a makeshift team . Next, focus on young players up to play for the team.

Especially when a player is already in the JURISDICTION form . Interested in buying the team A small team will receive money from buying – selling it . Create revenue into the club . Of course, to use only young players only play in the Football League sbo the team would not pick a definite must have the main players with experience supporting teams or foreign players to help the team on the best players . the statue has become a scout ‘s eye to give the team the benefit of this.

As for looking for a sponsor to support the team will continue to fight alone against the big teams and small teams have to try so hard sbo be dominant team. Then went to find a sponsor and own money to support a small team . And must not only focus on the major sponsor . Masters

I believe that He went into the other team ‘s sponsor, you are the same. So you have to look to the other , but if one does not. Difficult to find a sponsor would require the cooperation of a small team together. The zone can not talk about the 3-5 team, then I would like to sponsor themselves. That’s like shaking hands with the United Nations , ASEAN set to sbo AEC or AEC . Them to negotiate with foreign powers in matters there.

This small team will have to negotiate with potential sponsors. But the group was friendly to talk to you. Between a small team together to statements that have come up with . Because if not less Share alike sbo still was not enough , or did not know and talk to each team over there would be much less , which can cause problems as well.

That’s what the “small fish ” must learn to survive. Although the opportunity to win a championship , it seemed. I believe that if a small team can survive the opportunity to develop the team to step up the fight against the big teams are still uncertain. Because no one is eternally forever sbo If a small team , it could become a great team in the future as well.

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